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Code Compliance Issues & Solutions

City Standard Violations Impede Your Business

Most cities have building code enforcement inspectors that check to ensure your business is not violating any city compliance codes. Violations can result in a business being issued an "Order to Comply" that instructs a business to bring violations into compliance in a given window of time.

In Los Angeles, city standards of electrical codes and compliance are strict, and violations can create unnecessary impediments to the growth and success of your business.

Some of the more common electrical code violations in Los Angeles include:

  • Overcrowded wires – this occurs when too many wires are forced through the same funnel
  • Knob and tube wiring – an old technique that has proven hazardous in recent decades
  • Old wiring using new lights – older wiring cannot withstand newer lights’ higher amperage
  • Illegal splices – typically, these are splices that are done outside of a proper junction box

It’s common that electrical works in commercial and industrial buildings are just not kept up to speed with modern advancements and code. Regardless of what is causing your violation, we will make sure to quickly locate the problem and enact the proper solution, so you can get back to running your business.

Consult Our Electrical Professionals in Los Angeles

Because electrical equipment is manufactured in a variety of states and countries, it is common for equipment to be in violation of city standards. At Pro Power Services, we have years of knowledge and experience in electrical services to offer in bringing your business into compliance with electrical code city standards. We can work with the city to help ensure your business continues providing to your customers and the community with minimal interruption.

Contact Pro Power Services with questions about electrical code compliance and see what solutions will work for your business situation.

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