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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Los Angeles

Fast Charging for Eco-Friendly Fleets or Service Vehicles!

If you’ve been out on the roads in California lately, it’s hard to ignore the trend: electric vehicles are popping up everywhere. With their decreasing prices, increasing range, and low cost of ownership, along with the soon to be in place California Mandates, people everywhere are buying electric vehicles. This is made even easier by the wide swath of available electric charging stations that you can find just about anywhere now, including in homes, apartments, and businesses of all different shapes and sizes. If you’re considering an electric vehicle either for personal use or for a commercial fleet, Pro Power Services can make sure your vehicle has the charging it needs with electric vehicle charging station installation services in Los Angeles.

Here at Pro Power Services, for more than 30 years we’ve proudly helped California businesses get the new power they need or maintain the electrical systems they have. We’ve become the name commercial and industrial customers turn to when they need something done because we have a reputation for doing it right. Unlike the overwhelming majority of electrical contractors who focus on residential services, we tailor our services specifically to the needs of commercial, industrial, and fleet customers. Whether you’re simply looking to provide electric vehicle charging to customers or employees in your parking lot, or you’re looking to stock your entire fleet with electric-powered vehicles that will need nightly charging, Pro Power Services can set you up with the charging stations you need for all makes and models of electric vehicles. And we do all of this while offering superior service quality and flexible planning in order to minimize the impact on your business.

Give Power Pro Services a call at (323) 886-0103 today to discuss how your business could benefit from adding EV charging stations.

Charging Designed with Your Business in Mind

Pro Power Services is a certified installer for the Charge Point EV charging systems, as well as many others that adhere to our stringent standards of quality and durability. We want to make getting the charging solution you’re looking for an easy and stress-free experience, and that’s why we always use products that we know will provide you and your business with the best experience in both short and long-term applications. We also hold our workmanship to high standards as well because we know that’s what you demand for your business. All of our EV charger installations are turnkey and ready to handle whatever your business needs.

Our chargers can provide power to all different brands of electric vehicles, including:

  • Luxury brands
  • Performance models
  • SUVs & crossovers
  • Compact cars
  • Commuters
  • Plug-in hybrids

From single station setups to 100-station AC setups to fast DC charging needs, Pro Power Services can recommend optimal EV charging products, provide site surveys to configure EV charging to meet the needs of your business, and provide individual power system capability studies. We even work with local governing bodies and utilities to expedite your project and make it go over smoother and with less delay. We provide city plans, help obtain permits, and ensure that your installation adheres to all requirements. We can even upgrade older EV charging systems to modern, high-power solutions in order to meet your EV charging needs.

To learn more about bringing the power of EV charging to your fleet or business, contact Pro Power Services today!

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