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LA Electrical Permitting and Plan Check

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Are you having issues meeting electrical code requirements? Let an experienced commercial contractor at Pro Power Services Inc. help. We are located in Montrose and offer electrical services to commercial and industrial businesses throughout all of Los Angeles. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service to meet your permitting needs.

Frustrated with Inspectors?

At PPS, we have over 50 years of experience dealing with city inspectors and plan check engineers and know that facing them can be overwhelmingly difficult. If you're having trouble with the application process of permitting and plan checking, we understand your frustration. After spending many countless hours waiting for inspectors, doing inspections, examining corrections, and working with the plan checkers, we know that red tape is the color of the day, every day.

Electrical Code requirements are sometimes difficult to understand and there are no ways around them. It becomes even more challenging when faced with tough inspectors and plan checkers that tend to be robotic in the application of codes. Our decades of experience with permitting and plan checking has given us advanced knowledge of the inspection process and we can help provide solutions to resolve city issues that might be concerning to an inspector.

Don't Face Them Alone

We can work with you and city inspectors and plan checkers to ensure you are meeting electrical codes. The permitting process does not have to be difficult, especially when you have the help of PPS.

Call us at (323) 886-0103 today if you are in Montrose or the LA area!

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