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Commercial Electrical Troubleshooting

Experienced Commercial Electrical Contractor in Los Angeles

Are you experiencing large-scale problems with your electricity? Are you experiencing a continuous issue with a circuit breaker or panel that keeps tripping, blowing, or killing power to areas of your commercial building? These issues may be symptoms of a problematic, outdated, or defective electrical system.

Pro Power Services Inc. provides troubleshooting in many different areas of industrial and commercial electrical systems:

We are always conducting safety checks and quality control checks to mitigate risk, limit potential problems, and maximize the functionality of your project. Our licensed and insured electrical contractors can come to you and address any exposed outlets, wires, or other equipment that may be causing internal problems or hazards.

Our comprehensive troubleshooting services include:

  • Service panels
  • Circuit breakers
  • Inspection and identification of electrical problems
  • Repair of defective components
  • Replacing and installing new reliable systems if necessary

At Pro Power Services, safety and service go hand-in-hand. When we come to work on your electrical systems, you can rest assured that we are employing safety procedures to protect your safety, the safety of your patrons or employees, and our own safety.

Time is money. Let us get your job done quickly!

We are always honest, upfront and straightforward with our customers. We won't misguide you if you are not in need of a specific troubleshooting service. Oftentimes, our contractors save our customers precious time, energy, and money - especially when your business operations are involved. We can come to you, document any problems, and provide you with a comprehensive review of any issues that should be immediately addressed.

Contact Pro Power Services today at (323) 886-0103 and request a local estimate, whether you are in Montrose or anywhere throughout Los Angeles.

Power System Troubleshooting

Power systems today are far more complicated than they were even ten years ago. With the addition of new electronic equipment and electronic controls, there can be any number of origins for the complications you are experiencing. Because of this, power systems can be difficult to accurately troubleshoot when problems arise. At Pro Power Services, we are especially focused on serving commercial and industrial facilities in the larger Los Angeles area.

When a problem needs to be solved and the right solution developed, you won't have to wait for timely service with Pro Power Services Inc. because we don't have an available technician in your area. We service businesses and maintain commercial and industrial power systems every day and even offer emergency response service. We understand that commercial and industrial ventures rely on their power system to meet every day production demands and cater to the needs of business and those who depend on their power system every day to meet production demands.

Lighting Systems Troubleshooting

The California state energy codes require that all lighting system have Title 24 code compliant control systems.

These system regulations require:

  • Time clocks
  • Photo sensors
  • Occupancy sensors
  • By-pass systems

While these systems may help save energy when used properly, they have also created the need for more maintenance. When the control system parts fail, these systems can be much more difficult to troubleshoot than the old standard light switch. Pro Power Services Inc. can provide you with the attention these systems need to work properly. Our Los Angeles commercial electricians can give you correct system diagnosis and code compliant solutions for long term reliability.

Motor Controls Troubleshooting

Motor controls are the backbone for many production facilities. Motor controls run pumps, fans, conveyors and many other types of equipment that are essential in the function of any business or plant. Troubleshooting these is our specialty at Pro Power Services.

We troubleshoot low voltage or high voltage controls alike, providing solutions and service for a wide range of electrical systems and elements, including:

  • AC variable speed drives
  • DC drives
  • Delta-Wye starters
  • Soft starts
  • Multi-location start stop controls
  • Motor controls for ventilation
  • Exhaust systems
  • Make UP air system
  • Conveyor controls
  • Pump controls

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the motor controls running your electrical systems and equipment, turn to Pro Power Services for accurate troubleshooting and practical solutions.

Production Equipment Troubleshooting

Time is Money-Start Saving with PPS

In any production industry, downtime is costly. Production equipment today is far more complicated than it was in decades past. The production equipment in use today across almost all industries has become the connection point where high tech controls meet high power systems. Quickly locating problems with equipment is vital to the sustainability of these systems and the function of the plant or business relying on them.

At Pro Power Services, we have the knowledge to troubleshoot:

  • Motor controls for:
  • Temperature controls for
  • Counters
  • Encoders
  • Pressure sensors
  • Heaters
  • Drives

The skill needed and expert knowledge of a wide variety of system controls is difficult to find. There lies the delicate balance of electrical system knowledge and an understanding of electronic control systems. The PPS team of Montrose commercial electrical contractors has more than 50 years of experience in the field of commercial power systems and troubleshooting.

Put that experience to work for you and get your equipment running the way you need it to sooner than later. Call (323) 886-0103 today for a free evaluation-we even offer emergency services throughout the Los Angeles area.

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